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I need some improvements to a websitewe have had 2 developers, and whereas the second improved some of the look and feel he has now gone awol! the site is bouvo - we lost content (both on the blog and directory side) but I am sure it is there somewhere! I have the old urls2 we lost the wordpress analytics (I could see where we were getting hits/visitors/viewers/most looked at pages/bounce rate etc3 have a list somewhere of some other changes (like making sure all the content is available to peruse/prev and next/tags etc + removing the "plan your journey and a better front/first view so it's more generic -either a set of images on a carousel or something more generic so the first view isnt "wild camping...." and a proper about us - which was on the previous version)4 - we need to buy something like "" to manage the directory side5 search functionality (by key word and geography)6 first page - images and text on a carousel7 about us - (needs to link to About us!) i can write this (it should have been on the old site!)8 join us - needs to link to a signup to our newsletter 9 basically all the blog content and all the directory content need to be 10 links to fb and insta11 - one thing I was thinking of, - is there a way we can screen scrape to build our directory? (that way if we did say 500 a month, thats another 500 pages to build some traction/backlinks etc and makes it easier to sell ?)