Zoho & TrackPOD Integration for Transport Company

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Hi there, looking for help with integration between Zoho Books, Zoho Creator and my transport management system, 'TrackPOD', which comes with api/webhooks dashboard. I need a Creator form embedded into a Zoho Books webtab in customer portal so clients can book and it feeds data into TrackPOD to create the shipment then from there sends data back to Zoho Books to generate an invoice as an urgent / short term fix to high booking demand. I am struggling to data check bookings placed directly in TrackPOD portal and then invoice them all manually. I need a solution that when the client enters data it keeps it in the correct format like +44 on numbers, only allows mobile numbers, validates the delivery address, makes certain data mandatory, asks them if it's a business address and to submit opening hours if it is, auto populates collection location info for regular clients etc.
I would eventually like to build a full Zoho Creator mobile app and web app that can be embedded to our Zoho Site where my clients can book, access their ZBooks portal and TrackPOD tracking portal all in one place as a full solution but I need something quickly implemented in the short term so that I can onboard a wait list of clients which I don't have time to manually handle all the admin of their increased bookings.
I need the booking form to have some 'if' codes to it as we transport car parts so the client needs to be able to select the car part type to get price and book. I have built an example booking form calculator while playing on www.convertcalculator.com that I can show for reference but it is likely all achievable in the Zoho One suite which we already have so would appreciate ideas and advice! There are further internal driver and retail client apps I would like to design through Creator in the coming weeks and have someone finish all the connection work and testing for me.








Overview - We are seeking a contractor to develop a custom data export interface for our Zoho CRM system. Our CRM currently contains approximately 3.6 million Contacts and 1.4 million Accounts, and we need an efficient solution to export data based on various parameters due to limitations in Zoho CRM's native export functionalities. ### Objectives The primary objective of this project is to create a robust, user-friendly interface that allows for flexible, parameter-based data exports from Zoho CRM. The interface should handle large data volumes efficiently and enable users to specify different export parameters with ease. Functional Requirements 1. **User Interface** - The interface should be web-based and accessible from any browser. - It should be intuitive and user-friendly, with a clean, modern design. - Users should be able to log in using their Zoho CRM credentials, where User Profile = Administrator. 2. **Data Export Parameters** - Users must be able to select various parameters for export, including but not limited to: - Date ranges (e.g., creation date, modification date) - Specific fields (e.g., name, email, company, etc.) - Custom fields specific to our Zoho CRM setup - Record types (e.g. Contacts and Accounts at the same time) - Users should be able to apply multiple filters simultaneously. 3. **Export Formats** - The system should support multiple export formats, including CSV, Excel, and JSON. - Users should be able to select the desired format before exporting. 4. **Export Handling** - The system should handle large data volumes efficiently. - If the data volume exceeds a certain threshold, the system should provide an option to split the data into multiple smaller files. - Users should be notified via email once their export is ready for download. - The system should ensure data security and integrity during the export process. 5. **Scheduling and Automation** - Users should be able to schedule regular exports (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly). - Automated exports should follow the same parameter-based rules and send notifications upon completion. #### Technical Requirements 1. **Integration with Zoho CRM** - The interface must integrate seamlessly with Zoho CRM using Zoho's API. - Ensure compliance with Zoho CRM’s API rate limits and guidelines. 2. **Data Security** - Implement secure authentication and authorization mechanisms. - Ensure that data handling complies with relevant data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR). - Use encryption for data in transit and at rest. 3. **Performance and Scalability** - The system should be able to handle concurrent requests efficiently. - It should be scalable to accommodate future increases in data volume. 4. **Documentation and Support** - Provide comprehensive documentation for users and administrators. - Offer support and maintenance services post-deployment. ### Deliverables 1. **Functional Interface** - A fully functional web-based interface for data export. - Source code and necessary configuration files. 2. **Documentation** - User manual and admin guide. - API documentation (if applicable). 3. **Testing** - Test cases and results. - User acceptance testing (UAT) completion certificate. 4. **Support** - Post-deployment support for a specified period (e.g., three months).
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