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As a part of a job application process, I am required to deliver a presentation (Keynote or PWPT). I'd like help bringing my ideas to life in an eye catching and interactive way. Most of the slides will be relatively simple, theres just one in particular which is proving difficult for me to work out how to put together. Open to the work been done directly in Keynote or PWPT or an external program and dropped in ... I dont envisage it being a difficult task for someone with the right skills. Attached a very rough outline of broadly speaking what I need to communicate.








Expert Designer Needed for Webshop Mock-ups We are seeking an experienced designer to enhance our website,, by creating mock-up designs for our webshop. Your task will be to design three key pages, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated shopping experience that aligns with our brand’s style. Project Scope 1. Product Page [ example page: Features to Include: • Option for users to select the quantity they wish to purchase. • Specific quantity selection for cushions and throws. [ example page: ]. • Fabrics are measured in meters or yards (default is meters; yards for the US) [ example page: ]. • Allow ordering in whole or half units (e.g., 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 meters/yards). • Option to enquire about orders when stock is insufficient during checkout. • Addition of alternative sizes underneath alternative colorways. • Create a functional and intuitive design with all necessary features. 2. Shopping Basket page: Features to Include: • Enable users to add and remove products from the basket. • Display the total price of items in the basket. • Clearly indicate stock availability; provide an option to request out-of-stock items. • Create a functional and intuitive design with all necessary features. 3. Checkout Page: Features to Include: • Collect essential client information for placing orders, with an option to add order notes. • Specify FedEx for shipping. • Include payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. • Ensure the layout is original and aligns with the website’s theme. • Create a original, functional and intuitive design with all necessary features. Requirements: • Deliver designs in Figma. • Maintain the sophisticated and consistent style of our website. • Ensure the pages are visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly. • Provide a reasonable time estimate for project completion. Process: Regular Updates: Provide regular updates and hold feedback sessions to ensure alignment with project goals.
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