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We already have a platform, secured website address but it just a holding page. We would like to develop it into a e-commerce platform
ECOMMERCEWEBSITE DESIGN-Design of 10x page layouts (including blog, subscriptions, contact us, product)
DEVELOPMENT-integration of payment gateways and order management system-Email subscription - Mailchimp or klaviyo-SEO set up-SSL/GDPR secure certification -Google analytics and Adwords integration]








25.0 GBP 技术与编程 peopleperhour 海外
I have an app running in AZURE, which I had turned off due to lack of use (scaled down to free server and stopped DevOps / app services). We now need to turn it back on, but when I reinstate the services, it doesn't work. I need someone who is very good with Azure admin and code troubleshooting to help me with this. Experts with Microsoft Azure development required. You must be very conversant with Azure, have excellent knowledge of working with Visual Studio repos online, and know how to quickly troubleshoot code issues and update code changes to match 2024 version and service requirements. IMPORTANT NOTE: It may not be possible to get access to the server. All server-side work will be done by me, with you on a video call with sharing screens, where you will guide me. As of now, we know that the code worked perfectly before the server was downgraded. Since we've brought it back online, we see the app site gives the following error: HTTP Error 500.30 - ANCM In-Process Start Failure Common solutions to this issue: The application failed to start The application started but then stopped The application started but threw an exception during startup Troubleshooting steps: Check the system event log for error messages Enable logging the application process' stdout messages Attach a debugger to the application process and inspect For more information visit: Further investigation has shown it uses a deprecated node, which gives some error messages around SSL, but I'm not an developer and the original developers are no longer contactable. So I need someone who can get this back online quickly.
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