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We are seeking a talented and creative copywriter to join our e-commerce brand. You will be responsible for writing engaging and compelling copy for a variety of platforms including product descriptions, blog articles, website copy, email campaigns.








Dear Legal Professionals, We are seeking the services of a barrister or lawyer with expertise in association governance, constitution and legal compliance around Landlord and Tenant Act. As members of a Recognised Tenants Association we have prepared a draft resolution for a vote of no confidence in our current chair. This draft outlines concerns such as procedural irregularities, inappropriate appointments, misrepresentation in meeting minutes, unilateral decisions, financial disclosure failures, and leadership issues. It is intended as a general template and needs professional review. Scope of Work: Professionalism: Assess grammar and format of the resolution. Liability: Provide recommendations to mitigate legal risks. Legal Risks: Identify potential liabilities arising from the allegations. Prejudicial Elements: Analyze any aspects that might be prejudicial to our association. Case Law: Offer insights into relevant case law regarding votes of no confidence in similar positions. Overall Merit: Evaluate the legal strength and merit of the resolution. Request for Proposal and Timeline: Cost Estimate: Please provide a quote for reviewing/revising the resolution by [insert deadline]. Approval and Timeline: Post-approval of costs, we need a detailed timeline for the review process, with the final opinion(document) required by 10/12/23. Attachments for Review: The review will include a sample lease agreement, the constitution, and the draft resolution. We value your timely and detailed response, given the sensitive and time-bound nature of this matter. Your guidance will be crucial in ensuring our actions are legally sound and adhere to our ethical standards. Thank you for your attention and assistance. We look forward to your proposals and expertise in this matter. Sincerely, Aan
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