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I have a consulting company and am looking for a developer that specializes in advanced WordPress development.  I am looked for a person who has largely dedicated their time into this platform.  Our c…








I am not a programmer, but am designing a simple wordpress theme for my business. I'm looking to hire a programmer to help me with my development and distribution environment (e.g. package.json, and gulpfile.mjs, webpack, yarn or other) files that will have no severe vulnerabilities. I prefer gulp and babel but other methods of getting the desired outcome are welcome. The the proposed project file will have a script for: 1) Development (called "start"); 2) Distribution ("build"); and 3) Packaging ("zip"). The dev tools into these categories as follows: Development (start): * Compile SCSS to CSS. from root\src\main.scss to root\build\main.css * Transpile and bundle JavaScript files. from root\src\index.js (which is a list of js files) to root\build\bundle.js (one file with the contents of the files in root\src\index.js) * Copy necessary assets (fonts, images, video) copy relevant folders from root\src\.. to root\build.. Copies only new or updated files. * Optimize images. * Sync browser for live reload and watch for changes (SCSS, PHP, JS). Distribution (build): * Delete contents of build directory and its sub-directories (to clear clutter from earlier work) * Copy (recreate) necessary assets (fonts, images, video) from src to build folder. * Compile and minify SCSS to CSS. * Transpile and minify JavaScript files. * Optimize images for production. * Ensure that the build output is ready for deployment. Packaging (zip): I have already done this in the way I wish, so you may not have to. I will send it to you if you take on this project. My environment: Windows 11 XAMPP 3.3.0 Node 20.13.1 npm 10.7.0 Visual Studio Code. (Terminal) The root structure of my project is as follows: root (Theme with php,html,css)/ │ ├──build │ ├── fonts/ │ ├── images/ │ ├── video/ │ ├── main.css │ ├── bundle.js │ │ ├──src │ ├── fonts/ │ ├── images/ │ ├── js/ │ ├── scss/ │ ├── importedModules/ │ ├── mySCSS/ │ ├── main.scss (list of all SCSS files to compile) │ ├── temp/ (here for development - you - if needed) │ ├── video/ │ ├── index.js (list of all js files to compile) │ TERMS: Project Budget: $250 Deposit in escrow upon acceptance: $75 Completion of this job no later than July 8th Consideration will be given to bids that describe approach to the project Thank you, Robert Mitchell California, USA P.S. If this works out well, I may have additional tasks (e.g., debugging, testing, and additions to the theme) that I would like help with.
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