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A writer creating written material for various mediums such as websites, logs, social media, and marketing campaigns. Have command on excellent writing skills, required details and the ability to rese…








I require a skilled Nepali language expert to proofread and validate the quality of translation of an approximately 3300 word document. The document contains general information that has been translated from English to Nepali. As an individual without expertise in Nepali, I seek an experienced translator to inspect the document for any errors in grammar, vocabulary choice, style or overall flow that could hinder understandability for a native Nepali reader. The translator should be a fluent, native Nepali speaker, knowledgeable of the intricacies and nuances of written Nepali. This individual must have extensive experience in translation work or editing original Nepali language texts. Upon completion of the proofreading task, brief written feedback should be provided identifying any issues, inaccuracies or areas for improvement within the translation. The goal is to verify the translation can effectively communicate its intended message to a local Nepali audience. This is a valuable opportunity for a skilled Nepali language professional to ensure the quality of important written work. The document translation must be carefully proofread with an attention to detail, checking word choices and sentence structures are appropriate for native comprehension. With your language expertise, you can help validate the translation is suitable for its intended Nepali readers. I welcome bids from experienced editing and proofreading professionals capable of thoroughly reviewing the document.
80.0 GBP 写作与翻译 peopleperhour 海外