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We need a designer to design interior design a project we currently have ongoing.
This will include details of front end works, during the construction phase to ensure the end product aligns with our "working professional" and "high end" result.
**Please Note the examples are examples from the Internet, not necessarily designs we want.
Please send examples of your works in your response so we can determine project involvement and end results.








I would like to design my website here financedata.fr it is in french, but I can help with french, I have one problem, is that I want to move this site to another site, because our company is mainly working in the education industry, and we offer online courses in data analysis tools like Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, etc. I did not start yet because I am searching for instructors, but I mean I need to migrate the website to another website, which is going to be Braincert.com, we are going to host our website on the braincert website in the next two weeks to 1 month, I am not sure if it is possible that you design the website now, and then we migrate it, or you work directly on the new website, but we cannot wait two weeks, we need to do the design now, my actual website is on wordpress, however, I am not sure after we migrate it if braincert are using wordpress, I think no, I think their website is build from scratch by developers, but in the new website, you will be able to design the website since there is going to be a page builder, so I think it is okay, you can take a look at my actual website now, it is very bad looking, my competitors are companies who provide online e-learning also like these websites: formationpowerbi.fr and lecfomasque.com I am not sure how should the website look like but I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions concerning the color, the design, we are going to offer courses in data in general, so we will not offer just power bi courses like the competitors, no we are going to offer courses in more then one tool, but we are going to start in the time being with Power BI. I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions, also could you show me some designs for websites you have designed in the education sector ? My Regards, Khaled
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