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There will be ongoing clover work needed but the initial job is to lift a bunch of client data (names, addresses ) from a CRM we use and move it to CLOVER. There is no current API between the two.  Thank you 








We need a custom WooCommerce solution to manage the cart and order process for a meal ordering system. The primary objectives are to ensure that multiple selections of the same meal appear as separate items in the cart, and to allow each meal to be assigned to a specific person using unique identifiers (X1, X2, etc.). These assignments must be visible and consistent throughout the entire order process, including the cart, checkout, order review, admin dashboard, and order confirmation emails. Requirements: 1. Cart Functionality: - In the cart, ensure that when a customer adds multiple instances of the same product, they are listed as separate items instead of merging and increasing the quantity. - For each cart item, add a select field with options: X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7. This select field allows the customer to assign the product to a specific identifier. 2. Order Overview: - During checkout and in the order overview, the selected value (X1, X2, etc.) must be displayed for each cart item. - Ensure that this selected value is carried over and displayed consistently in all subsequent steps, including order confirmation. 3. Admin Dashboard: - In the WooCommerce admin dashboard, the selected value for each cart item should be visible in the order details. - Admin should be able to easily see which product is assigned to which identifier. 4. Order Confirmation Emails: Ensure that the order confirmation email sent to the admin includes the selected value for each cart item. This allows the admin to see which products are assigned to which identifiers directly from the email. TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION 1. Functions.php: - Add a filter to modify the cart item data hash to include the select value, ensuring items with different select values are treated as unique. - Add action hooks to save and display the select value in the cart, checkout, order details, and emails. 2. Cart Template: - Modify the cart template (cart.php) to include the select field for each item. - Ensure the select field value is saved and passed along with the cart item data. 3. Order Item Meta Data: - Add the selected value as meta data for each order item. - Modify WooCommerce hooks to display this meta data in the admin order details and order emails. DEVELOPER INSTRUCTIONS 1. Cart Item Data: - Hook into woocommerce_add_cart_item_data to capture and store the select field value when a product is added to the cart. - Modify the cart item data hash using woocommerce_cart_item_data_hash to treat items with different select values as unique. 2. Display in Cart and Checkout: - Use woocommerce_get_item_data to display the select field value in the cart and checkout pages. - Ensure the select field is included in the cart item template and properly styled. 3. Order Meta Data: - Use woocommerce_checkout_create_order_line_item to add the select field value to the order item meta data. - Hook into woocommerce_admin_order_item_values to display the select field value in the WooCommerce admin order details. - Modify the woocommerce_order_item_meta_end filter to include the select field value in the order confirmation emails. TESTING VALIDATION 1. Functionality Testing: - Thoroughly test the functionality to ensure that products with different select values are treated as separate items in the cart. - Verify that the select field value is correctly displayed at each step: cart, checkout, order review, admin dashboard, and emails. 2. User Experience: Ensure that the overall user experience is smooth and intuitive, with clear visibility of the assigned identifiers throughout the process. Desired website on request. Please see attached a preview of current cart.
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