Internal Startup Co-Founder

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Why are we seeking co-founders now?

We see tremendous growth opportunities within certain products and services we deliver. Now, they gross, let’s say a few million a year, and already have an established big brand client base and competence center to deliver them. The opportunity is in making them a separate brand/agency/product and scaling globally to x10 or x50 our market presence and revenue. 

To succeed such an initiative needs an entrepreneurial person with experience in establishing their own startups, growing, failing, starting over, and getting experience in eCommerce sales, and B2B sales. 

We are very successful at our core business, but we see a largely untapped market opportunity that we want to find a leader for. 

What would be expected of a co-founder?

Let's say first what you do not need to do - you do not need to find your first customers, we already have an established portfolio for each potential new venture, and you do not need to hire people and figure out a delivery model and track quality. We have all of this covered. 

Where we need a co-founder's input is in driving sales, business development, fine-tuning product/service-market fit, customer relationships, productizing service, and doing whatever it takes to increase revenue at least tend-fold to start with. 

We believe that the market has matured enough to appreciate focused, specialized offerings in the place where now it is usually somewhere on the second or third shelf in the usual eCommerce offerings. 

These initiatives may range from PXM, CDP, SEO, PPC, or Product feeds-focused companies to bring into the market some of our AI experiments and products for eCommerce. Each of these and many other small focused services and products can have 10-20 euro revenue potential in the first years only and enterprise value exceeding 100 million euros. 


A share in revenue, profit, or ultimately vested equity.

With whom will you be dealing?

Just like this job ad is written by scandiweb founder himself, you will be dealing with me and the other two co-founders as well as department leads. It may be pretty tough at times, but exciting and rewarding. 

How to apply?

Please record a simple 1-2 minute video sharing some of the experiences that can position you for success in this role. While we will also review your application, the message you convey in the video is more important.