Outbound Expert for Trigger-Based Marketing Lead Lists

at Contra
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10 days ago


About the role

We are seeking an outbound expert to join Socialbroker. The ideal candidate will be responsible for building trigger-based marketing lead lists. You will leverage the latest tools to create databases from recently funded companies and companies that have made recent domain purchases. You will also be responsible for cross-checking social media handles to ensure our team contacts the right leads. Additionally, you will create lookalike databases for larger-scale marketing efforts.

What you’ll deliver

  • Build and manage trigger-based marketing lead lists.
  • Utilize new tools to create databases from companies that have recently received funding or made domain purchases.
  • Cross-check the social media handles of companies in the database.
  • Develop lookalike databases based on initial results for larger-scale outreach.
  • Provide regular updates and reports on database development and effectiveness.
  • Collaborate with the team to ensure seamless integration of databases into our marketing efforts.

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