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Some features are limited and not support multiple subscription channels



  • View all content online
  • Filtering by condition is not supported
  • Keyword search is not supported
  • Message subscriptions is not supported
  • Subscription by keyword or category is not supported
  • 7*12 hours of technical support


View all content online and support multiple subscription channels



  • Support view all content online
  • Support filter by condition
  • Support search by keywords
  • Support subscription multiple channels
  • Support subscription by category and custom keywords
  • 7*12 hours of technical support


Support subscribe and the participation needs can be directly contacted by the employer


In addition to the features of the normal version, adding:

  • Registration of outsourcing tasks can take the initiative to get in touch with the employer
  • Priority access to employer demand referral opportunities for outsourcing tasks
  • Priority access to new feature experience
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders


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The customer acquisition cost of outsourcing projects is very high. HuntsBot is a new customer acquisition channel through instant message subscription. I received two orders a month, and the subscription fee has already been paid back.


Part-time outsourcing classmate,technical person

I think HuntsBot is doing a good job. It is very promising. It is currently being used. Now it is easier to find and filter requirements. I have an outsourcing team here, and I also hope to achieve mutual cooperation.


Member of Outsourced Team, Commercial