Require Site Survey to Verify or Correct Measurements

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I am in need of a site surveyor to verify the accuracy of my current drawings, particularly concerning my loft and the floor beneath it. It is crucial to establish the current height of the ridge of the roof in relation to the floors below, as well as the height of the chimney stack. Access to the loft and roof is available from the roof terrace, and I have included a picture for reference. A site visit is necessary; please do not offer this service if you do not intend to visit the site. I have drawings of the building (a terrace residential building comprising of 2 flats) that may assist you in completing the task more efficiently. The property is located in London SW11 Battersea. Therefore, if you are located outside the area, traveling may present difficulties. Once you have obtained these measurements, I will require you to update them on my drawings. However, new drawings will not be necessary.

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