Add Payment Plan options to Cartflow checkout page

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Here is the enhanced description of the project:
We seek a skilled developer to seamlessly integrate payment plan options into our Cartflow checkout page. Currently, users are directed to a checkout page after selecting their desired product. Our business offers two payment options: a full payment and a payment plan facilitated by Sumo Payments.
The objective is to enable our customers to choose between these payment options during the checkout process. The developer will be responsible for configuring the Cartflow checkout page to display the payment plan option alongside the full payment option. This will provide our customers with flexibility and convenience in managing their purchases.
The successful candidate will have a deep understanding of Cartflow and Sumo Payments, as well as experience in integrating payment solutions into e-commerce platforms. They will possess excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly checkout experience for our customers.
If you are a talented developer with a passion for creating innovative solutions, we invite you to bid on this project. Together, we can enhance the customer journey and drive sales for our business.

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