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2000.0 USD peopleperhour Technology & Programming Overseas
68 days ago


I am looking for a skilled web developer to build a new website application with e-commerce functionality. The main objective of adding e-commerce functionality is to offer new products or services to our customers.
Required Features:- User registration and login- E-commerce functionality- Content management system
Ideal Skills and Experience:- Proficient in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript- Experience in building e-commerce websites with secure payment gateways- Knowledge of content management systems for easy website management- Familiarity with user registration and login systems for personalized user experiences
If you have a proven track record in developing user-friendly and visually appealing websites with e-commerce functionality, please submit your proposal.

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I want someone to categorize the plugins, about 50+, e.g. I installed some plugins related to SEO, but because I don't know which one is good to use in my website, so I just chose some and installed. In fact, I don't need that many, I need the one that work for my website, which is free, easy to use, and even if I don't want to upgrade I can still use most of its functions or all the functions. I need this freelancer to categorize the plugins for me so that I know how many types of plugins I have (For example, (suppose) I have 3 plugins about SEO, 2 plugins for chat functions, etc.) I think there will be some categories. This freelancer doesn't need to delete the plugins that I don't need to have, he just need to inform me and I will deactivate or delete it. I don't sign up to use a third-party website for email marketing, so if possible, I want to use those plugins in which I can receive emails inside the back end of the WooCommerce website. For the chat functions, because I don't have business WhatsApp, so I don't want to use those connecting with my WhatsApp. Again, I want to use those plugins which can chat with customers on my website. Also, this is a dropshipping website, I want to have a plugin helping me to let the customers to track their products. I installed some but don't know which is good and don't know how to do the settings. For other plugins, please advise which need to be used and please do all the settings for all the necessary plugins. I want the web site to be in good performance. Also I need this freelancer to do all the settings for all the plugins (which I need to use) according to his experience.
10.0 USD Technology & Programming peopleperhour Overseas
2 days ago
One-Off SEO Setup 1. Website Audit: Conduct a comprehensive technical SEO audit to identify existing issues and opportunities for improvement. Website: (wordpress based) 2. On-Page SEO: identify where meta titles, descriptions, header tags for target keywords, etc. are missing. - Identifies proper keyword placement and density in content. - Ensures we are using SEO-friendly URLs. - Ensuring we are optimizing images and alt tags. - Review a select number of blogs (maximum 3) and for relevance and SEO quality. 3. Schema Markup: Implement structured data/schema markup to improve search engine understanding of website content. 4. Page Speed Optimization: - Analyze website speed and performance using GTMetrix. - Implement necessary changes to improve load times. - Important: Must get all top level pages scoring a Grade A. 5. Mobile Optimization: Ensure the website is mobile-responsive for improved user experience and search rankings. 6. Crawlability and Indexability: Check and enhance website's robots.txt and XML sitemap for optimal indexing. 7. Internal Linking: Review and optimize internal linking structure for better navigation and SEO benefits. 8. Performance Tracking: Set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console for monitoring website performance. - Setup Monthly Reports: automatic monthly reports on website performance, including keyword rankings, traffic, and SEO metrics. ------------------------------- - The project is estimated to be completed within 1-2 weeks. - Regular progress updates will be required. Out of Scope We would perform / do the following; - Keyword research - Blog posting / content generation - Ongoing website maintenance You will need to make yourself available for a 30minute interview. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further clarification.
250.0 GBP Technology & Programming peopleperhour Overseas
1 days ago