French to English Translation

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15.0 USD peopleperhour Writing & Translation Overseas
30 days ago


I have 2 pages in French, one bank statement and another a Financial record, 2 pages in total which needs to be translated from French into English accurately.

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We are seeking a skilled and professional translator to translate a PDF document from English to Arabic. The document consists of 50 pages and covers technical content. The ideal candidate will have a strong command of both languages, attention to detail, and experience in translating similar documents. Responsibilities: • Accurately translate the provided PDF document from English to Arabic. • Maintain the original meaning, tone, and context in the translation. • Ensure the translation is free of errors and accurately represents the original text. • Format the translated document to mirror the layout and style of the original PDF. • Collaborate with us to clarify any uncertainties or ambiguities in the source text. Requirements: • Proven experience as a professional translator with a portfolio of completed projects. • Native or near-native proficiency in both English and Arabic. • Strong understanding of cultural differences and the ability to adapt translations accordingly. • Excellent attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work. • Ability to work independently and meet tight deadlines. • Familiarity with PDF editing tools to ensure the translated document retains its original formatting. Application Process: Interested candidates should submit their resume, a brief cover letter explaining their translation experience, and samples of previous work or a link to their portfolio. Please include your availability and rate per hour/project.
30.0 GBP Writing & Translation peopleperhour Overseas
18 hour ago
I am seeking a proofreader who is well-versed in Ottoman history and culture to provide editorial services for my upcoming book on the architectural and artistic achievements of the Ottoman period. The book will discuss the palaces, mosques and other structures built during the height of the Ottoman Empire from the 15th to the early 19th century and will reference people, places and events from this rich period in history. The proofreader should have an advanced understanding of the Ottoman Empire, including its governance, religions, languages, arts and ways of life. They will be tasked with carefully reviewing manuscript chapters to ensure factual accuracy and provide constructive feedback on how to enhance the narrative and description of Ottoman-era topics from an editorial perspective. International names, terms and concepts must be checked for correct spelling and contextual usage. Grammatical errors will also need to be rectified. This is a flexible role where the selected freelancer's expert knowledge of Ottoman history can be leveraged throughout the proofreading process to elevate the quality and scholastic merit of this non-fiction book. A keen eye for detail and familiarity with high-level academic writing and referencing styles is essential. The final manuscript will be submitted for formal publishing consideration, so polished editorial services are required. Proficiency in English is a must as the book will be written in English. Only apply if you have the necessary skill set.
80.0 GBP Writing & Translation peopleperhour Overseas
7 days ago