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progressive instrumental band similar to Animals as Leaders and Polyphia.
I’m looking for several logos for my band. I have a few ideas and can provide images of what I’m looking for.
Main band logo: a simple design for my bands main logo which I’ll attach some ideas of. This will be the letters of the band name and the “A” of Phantoms in the name Dead Phantoms will be of a ghost or phantom like character in a different color like purple or yellow. I love 8bit design stuff and old video games so some of that influence on the letters would be great. I need this logo in black, white, yellow, and purple. The lettering in the attachment starting with E0 would be a good start. Keep it 8bit, retro vaporwave style with the lettering a the ghost should pop out and have that old school video game feel to it.
T-shirt logo: this design will be a bit more involved and will contain the bands main simple logo but have more detail and imagery around it. Again I’ll attach several AI generated images that will get close to what I’m looking for. I love the idea of an 8bit city with the logo infront of it.

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