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Tandak's Website DevelopmentProject Overview: Develop a new website for Tandak's Catering Company in Birmingham. The site should exude luxury, sophistication, and an unforgettable culinary experience, catering to weddings, corporate events, and gatherings.
Objectives:1. Aesthetics: Create a visually captivating site with elegant design, high-quality images, and a clean layout.2. User Experience: Ensure seamless navigation, mobile responsiveness, and easy accessibility.3. Brand Consistency: Maintain consistent branding across website to reinforce Tandak’s BrandingWebsite Components:Home Page:• Hero Section: Impactful hero section conveying the whole brand offering to the user• Introduction: Brief overview of services and unique offerings.• How It Works:- Enquiry Process: Step-by-step guide to make a booking with Tandak’s, checking availability, and finalizing the catering package.- Contact Form: Easy-to-fill form for potential clients to get in touch.About Us:• Story: Tandak’s journey, mission, and values.• Team: Profiles of key team members with professional photos.• Service Area: Geographic areas covered by Tandak's services.Services/Catering Menu:• Menu Display: Elegant presentation of catering options with descriptions and prices.• Special Offers: Highlight any special packages or seasonal offers.• Customizable Options: Information on bespoke catering solutions.Hire By Tandak’s:• Item Display: gallery of event hire items (about 200) along with price per piece and categorized• Check out: check out basket for placing an order for hire with final amount• Customizable Options: Information on customized hiring solutions. Special customization request section.Portfolio:• Gallery: High-resolution images of past events categorized by event type (weddings, corporate events, etc.).• Case Studies/Clients we’ve worked with: Short Case studies showcasing Tandak’s work and client satisfaction.
Testimonials/Praise:• Customer Reviews: Positive feedback from clients with names and event types.• Ratings: Display of ratings and accolades received.FAQs:• Common Questions: Address common queries regarding services, pricing, and booking process.• Detailed Answers: Provide thorough and clear answers to each question.Blog:• Articles: Regular blog posts about catering tips, event planning, and culinary trends.• Guest Posts: Feature posts from industry experts and satisfied clients.Contact Us:• Contact Information: Phone number, email address, and social media links.• Office Location: Map and address of Tandak’s office.
Look and Feel:1. Color Scheme: A sophisticated palette, with a blend of warm and neutral tones to convey elegance, warmth and luxury. Keeping brand identity intact with highlights of brand colours (Pink - #ff2ac3, Yellow - #ffd6312. Typography: Elegant, readable fonts that exude luxury and professionalism.3. Imagery: High-quality, professionally shot images showcasing Tandak's food, event setups, and happy clients.4. Interactive Elements: Subtle hover effects, smooth scrolling, and animated transitions and interactions engage visitors without overwhelming them.5. Elegant Icons: Use simple and elegant icons to represent different sections and services, aiding in navigation and enhancing visual appeal.6. Layout: Clean, organized, and user-friendly design that emphasizes visual appeal and easy navigation.
Additional Integrations:1. SEO Optimization: Ensure the website is search engine optimized for better visibility, in -terms of load times, Http requests and more.2. Social Media Integration: Links to social media profiles and embedded social media feeds.3. Security: SSL certification, regular backups, reliable and secure web hosting

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