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I am looking for someone to review peer-reviewed journals in the field of Venture Capital. The preferred date range for the publication of the journals is any date range. I need more 40 journal articles to be reviewed.
Questions to be answered are:
a. What cultural background was analyzed in the paper?
b. What country/countries are covered in the sample of the paper?
c. What industry/industries were covered in the sample of the paper?
d. Which research design/methodology was used?
e. What indications are given by the results towards performance improvements?
f. What are the main journals and keywords covered?
Apart from question e., all other questions might be easily answered using ChatGPT.
Ideal Skills and Experience:
- Strong research skills
- Knowledge of the scientific field of Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Capital
- Experience in reviewing peer-reviewed journals
- Attention to detail and ability to analyze data
- Excellent writing and /or Excel skills to summarize findings in a clear and concise manner.

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