Increase website performance, in particular mobile load speed.

180.0 GBP

180.0 GBP peopleperhour Technology & Programming Overseas
14 days ago


We are looking to increase website performance, in particular mobile load speed and ultimately get out google lighthouse score to be consistently over 90.
We will be looking for an initial job (this one) then to work alongside a dev going forward for periodic reviews and to ensure the website it consistently running a quickly as possible.
We are looking for a dev who will do a deep dive into the website and produce a list of amendments/improvements that we can make straight away to improve the website speed. The website is:
We would like to pay particular attention to the product pages which load the first image slowly. This needs rectifying asap as its affecting the UX and engagement rate.
Any questions please feel free to fire them over. We will be looking to take someone on ASAP.
For the price of the job please let me know what you propose and the results to be expected.
Thank you.

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