Excel sheet to control workflow in service company

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Kleen Condition is a service firm specializing in hazardous abatement and repairs seeking an excel workbook solution to systematize workflow management. The bespoke spreadsheet would automate order tracking from lead generation through to project completion and invoice. Key functionality includes conditional formatting to highlight task status, a calendar view to schedule team resources and jobs, and custom functions for time tracking and billing automation.
Task breakdowns by project will allow itemizing individual processes from initial contact through inspection, quoting, work execution and final sign-off. Conditional logic can route workflow down specific procedural paths contingent on customer/job types. Integrated drop-down menus for standardized response options will promote efficiency and consistency. Performance analytics derived from the centralized data will afford monitoring of team productivity and profitability metrics over time.
Reporting capabilities are needed to extract high-level summaries or drill down into granular task-level details on demand. Well-structured templates for invoices and correspondence will save drafting time. Security is important to safeguard sensitive customer and operations information. The finished product must exhibit professional formatting, labels and calculations to represent Kleen Condition as a reputable service provider delivering premier customer service through optimized processes.

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