ChatGPT 4o Custom Training for Civil Engineering Studies

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10 days ago


We seek assistance in training the latest ChatGPT 4o model to enhance our civil engineering studies. Specifically, we focus on structural design of reinforced concrete structures, aligned with South African National Standards (SANS).
The model should break down complex questions and cite relevant SANS standards.We provide two scanned textbooks in a GPT-readable format (pdf), past exam papers (with answers in pdf), and all relevant SANS standards also in pdf.Our goal is for the model to teach us in the same format as the textbooks.Crucially, the model must answer exam questions in the same format as the answer paper.If you have expertise in fine-tuning language models and civil engineering, we’d love to collaborate!
Find attached below:SABS 0100-01 South African National Standard1 pass exam question paper with answers

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