Count and Coloring Worksheet

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26 days ago


I require assistance in creating educative and engaging counting and coloring worksheets for preschool-aged children. The aim is to develop early numeracy skills through visualization and reinforcement of numbers from one to ten. Each worksheet would feature a theme-based illustration such as farm animals, transportation vehicles or fruits. Numbers would be prominently displayed within the images and also listed separately for tracing and identification. Space would be allotted beside each number for children to color the corresponding portion of the illustration thus linking the numerical concept with its visual representation. Additional guidance in the form of simple instructions and a color legend needs to be provided on the worksheets. The freelancer will be expected to designs five visually appealing and developmentally appropriate counting-coloring worksheets as JPG or PDF files while ensuring all elements reinforce numeracy acquisition in a fun, hands-on manner appropriate for pre-readers. Creativity, educational value and print-readiness will be essential in any submission for this project

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