Magento 2.4.3, various issues

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The project is to first get Magento 2.4.3 p1 up and running.We have already converted it to 2.4.6 but since there are some major changes between the two APIs must be fixed up and also some other issues due to php8.1 and removeal of zend in 2.4.6. 2.4.6 has approx 15 issues to resolve AFTER THESE issues for M2.4.3 are resolved..
# Priority Subject86 Immediate MS1: import script: not setting consumable items85 Immediate MS1: web frontend83 Immediate MS1: web page: menus79 Immediate MS1: import script: thumbnails78 Immediate MS1: importscript: swirl/loader77 Immediate MS1: import script: check categories76 Immediate MS2: payment system issues72 Immediate MS3: Magento is not transferring the weight to the Webkul Royal Mail module
The tasks are added in the attached Excel file. Please fill out and return to me as a detailed estimation before we agree on anything.This job is only a few days max so it is a pretty fast job.
Also: Spare me from insane 14, 45, 50 days estimates. I have 46 years in the industry and have made too many estimates :-).

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