Motion graphic. Simple and approx 30 seconds long

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Please check out the logo and the slide attached.
I would like the colours and fonts in the logo to match the colours and fonts in the slide - or as close as possible. The motion graphic should display each sentance one at a time, with the timings syggested. e.g. Recritment and attraction (3 seconds) and the Onboarding and induction appears.
Once all nine sentances have been displayed I would like a motion graphic that does the following:- takes the red letters only. - displays left to right the word RocketLab - turn the writing from red to grey - and make the logo appear.
The nine sentances should evolve into the logo.
If you don't understand the brief or need more instructions then please do not bid. Also I do require this work in 24 hours or 48 hours absolute maximum.
- Recruitment and attraction (2.5 seconds)- Onboarding and Induction (2.5)- Communication and Engagement (2.5)- Kouzes and Posner Leadership (3.0)- Encouragement and recognition (2.0)- Talent Development and Learning (2.0)- Legal, ER and compliance (2.0)- Analysis, Data and Feedback (2.5)- Building High Performance Workforces (2.5)

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