.Net code for RF Xbee module

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I need help finishing a project for Visual Studio 2022, windows form in C#. Im using Xbee RF modules from Digi.com (XB3-24Z8PT) to communicate. I was able to do it using the XCTU software from Digi. One Xbee is the “Master” connected to PC via USB port and the other modules in the same network (same channel) are sending string data like: “hello world”. Everything works fine but I need to implement this on Visual Studio C# .Net windows form. I was able to create a form to open the port using SerialPort.Open Method. But I don’t know how to add the remote modules to send the data and display on a textbox. Maybe I need to add a library file or something else. The remote modules have a microcontroller transmitting (sending) the data.

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