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Job Description: Software Developer We are looking for a skilled Java Developer to join our dynamic team. The ideal candidate will possess a strong background in Java development and a passion for cre…

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Experience Level: Entry Estimated project duration: 3 - 4 weeks I need to create an app like this, Clean and Simple UI: Home Screen: Display featured services, categories (e.g., social media management, article writing, paid ads, telemarketing etc), and a search bar. Product Listing: Use a grid layout with high-quality images, short descriptions, and prices. Product Details: Show detailed information, multiple images, price, and an "Add to Cart" button. Cart Screen: List items with a summary of the total cost and a checkout button. Checkout Screen: Collect user information (name, address, contact details) and provide payment options. Order Confirmation: Display order details and confirmation message. Guest Checkout: Allow users to make purchases without requiring them to create an account. Personalization: User Profiles: Allow users to create and customize profiles. Use this data to provide personalized recommendations. Wishlists: Enable users to save products they are interested in for future purchases. Social Integration: Reviews and Ratings: Allow users to leave reviews and rate products. Display average ratings and user reviews prominently on product pages. Share Products: Add options for users to share products via social media, messaging apps, or email User Interaction: Chat Support: Offer real-time customer support through a chat feature where we have 24 hrs to respond Push Notifications: Send personalized notifications about new arrivals, discounts, new products and order status updates. Feedback System: Implement a system for users to provide feedback on the app and your services. Use this feedback to continuously improve. FAQs and Help Center: Include a section with frequently asked questions and guides to assist users. Private Messaging: Allow clients to send private messages to each other for more direct communication. Special Offers: Allow us to provide exclusive discounts or early access to new products for community members. Achievements and Badges: Introduce a gamification element with badges and achievements for active participation, such as contributing posts, commenting, and attending webinars. Community and Content: Blog or News Section: Share articles, news, tips, and tutorials related to cricket to engage users with valuable content. Discussion Boards: Create various boards for different topics, such as lead generation strategies, LinkedIn best practices, success stories, and general business advice. Post Sharing: Clients can share links to their LinkedIn posts directly within the community. Engagement Notifications: Notify members when new posts are shared so they can like and comment. Provide an option to mute these notifications for those who prefer not to receive them. Customizable Notifications: Allow users to customize their notification preferences, including muting all notifications, only receiving certain types, or choosing specific times for notifications. Educational Resources: Webinars and Workshops: Host regular webinars or workshops on LinkedIn strategies and other relevant topics. Record and archive these for on-demand viewing. Resource Library: Create a library of articles, eBooks, and guides that clients can access for additional learning. Analytics and Reporting: Post Performance Analytics: Provide analytics on the engagement their LinkedIn posts receive from the community, helping them understand what works best. Community Insights: Offer insights into community activity, such as popular discussion topics and active members. Events and Meetups: Virtual Events: Organize virtual networking events where clients can meet and discuss in real-time. Local Meetups: Facilitate local meetups for clients in the same geographical area to foster stronger connections Technical Considerations User-Friendly Interface: Ensure the app is intuitive and easy to navigate, with a clean and responsive design. Mobile Compatibility: Develop the app to be fully functional on both desktop and mobile devices. Security: Implement robust security measures to protect user data and privacy. Navigation: Use a bottom navigation bar or a side drawer for easy access to Home, Categories, Cart, Profile, Events, Educational Resources and Orders & Invoices Payment Gateway Integration ----- please give me the quotation for develop this app and setup payment gateway with play store publish If it’s not possible then explain which bits are not possible and your proposal for what is possible and a price. If it helps my company is
250.0 GBP Technology & Programming peopleperhour Overseas
1 days ago