I need a company logo for a pizza box project

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I need a logo for a new company that I’m starting with my friend, we are opening a wood oven pizza restaurant from a back of a horse box. The company will be called ‘Carpanini’s’ we want to incorporate the Italian flag colours & we are open for cool quirky logos / designs. ‘Wood fired pizza’ would be nice to have underneath or shown through imagery in the logo. We are two girls starting the business maybe a cool cartoon of us both doing something with pizzas. We are open to anything but looking for something young and cool that’s eye catching and swag. The picture lucia is the blonde one in blue she had big teeth and is always smiling , quite goofy and hippy. Jess is taller and darker again always smiling. More pictures can be attached if you need. Again you may come up with a logo without us in , but I feel like a cartoon sort of picture with us flipping pizzas or holding a wine glass , hanging out of a horse box etc would be cool.

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