I need two template pages built and sycned with Googlesheets

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Task link here: - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R2brTrS3dr5kpE_3ZDfc4581Aup0RBat5EpdrrkPNZE/edit
Instruction:Build two template pages [City template page and City category template page] whose content will be linked to and managed by a Google sheet (Sheet 1 & 2 will be for the two template pages). The google sheet will be synced with the database, such that editing cells on the google sheet will effectively be updating the websiteGiven that the values on each row will represent a page, adding a new row on the google sheet should create a new page Given that the columns represent the headers and text blocks, adding a new column on the google sheet should add a new header-content block to the template (for both the city and city category pages).
Build the template pages using appropriate elements from this page https://cgmpartners.org.uk/europenewpage/ WITH the content from this spreadsheet You are building a city page and a city category page templateUse the headers on the sheet as the content for the city page and the headers on this sheet as the headers for the city category pages Select appropriate design elements from this page [https://cgmpartners.org.uk/europenewpage/] to build your template
Duration: 3 - 5 days

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