Web app for multiplexing data logs

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I have around 10,000 data loggers installed on logical distribution panels around the world. The data they collect needs to be consolidated. The app you design needs to consolidate the data and multiplex it before redistributing it. The data needs to be checked for errors before redistribution and validated against a key value.
I can provide more details once the proposal has been accepted. Due to the simple nature of this project and the ease of execution (what programmer can't script logarithmic matrices within 5 minutes? lol), I have set the budget at £15.
ALL code must work from my server. Because it is a web application, this isn't your opportunity to make money monthly by hosting it on your own cloud server. I have my own (no, you can't use it for yerself, I'm amazed how many times I get asked). Submit your code in a .zip folder (I now, zip files are outdated. I don't care) and I'll take it from there.
The magic word for this project is "fish sticks" and your proposal will be considered as spam if you get this wrong or miss it out entirely.
Turnaround is expected within 3 hours of my accepting your proposal. Please don't offer "unlimited revisions" as it suggests I'll need them. On the other hand, don't limit the number of revisions. It's against the rules to invoice me without my satisfaction that the project is complete. It may take you 4 revisions, even though you've only provided 3. It's not my fault you can't get it right.

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