SRS UK Website Revamp & Maintenance

500.0 GBP

500.0 GBP peopleperhour Technology & Programming Overseas
25 days ago


We are seeking a freelancer to revamp and maintain our website The website was built on a paid Wordpress theme with various plug-ins, but it is not configured properly. We recently encountered issues with adding a pop-up plug-in, and a plug-in specialist informed us that the C Panel was not configured correctly, along with other issues.
Our objective is to improve the functionality, ensure SEO correctness, and address any other issues that may be present. We are also interested in exploring a monthly maintenance option that includes regular website checks for usability, discoverability, and other aspects.
If you are capable of offering this service, please provide a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work, including the examination and reconfiguration of the website, as well as the monthly maintenance cost. We would appreciate it if you could also provide your estimated timeline for completing the project.
Thank you for your interest in our project, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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