Interview coaching required

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Interview coaching required for an interview on 24.06, coaching required for interview questions, i have the interview format and i can share my responses but need help with coaching.

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About Us: We are a football club academy dedicated to developing young talent and establishing partnerships with renowned clubs abroad. Our mission is to cultivate future football stars and foster international collaborations. Job Summary: We seek an experienced Professional Business Corporate Profile Copywriter to create a comprehensive and compelling corporate profile for our academy. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in crafting high-quality, engaging, and professional business profiles to attract international partnerships. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a detailed and persuasive corporate profile for our football club academy. - Conduct thorough research to highlight our academy's strengths, achievements, and unique selling points. - Craft compelling narratives that showcase our mission, vision, values, and success stories. - Ensure all content is error-free, polished, and aligned with our brand voice. - Collaborate with the marketing and communications team to gather necessary information and feedback. - Incorporate SEO best practices to enhance the profile's visibility and reach. Qualifications: - Minimum of 2 years of experience in professional writing, with a focus on business and corporate profiles. - Proven portfolio showcasing successful corporate profiles, especially within the sports or educational sector. - Exceptional writing, editing, and proofreading skills with attention to detail. - Familiarity with the football industry and understanding of international club partnerships. - Ability to create engaging and persuasive content that captures the essence of our academy. - Excellent communication and collaboration skills. Preferred Qualifications: - Experience working with sports academies or clubs. - Understanding of global football markets and trends. - Ability to meet tight deadlines and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Application Process: To apply, submit a portfolio of your relevant work.
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We are seeking an experienced talented TESOL instructor individual to develop English language lessons for a new learning app. The curriculum will encompass 10 levels, ranging from foundational English to proficiency level. Each level will consist of 10 lessons, with each lesson comprising five sections: Grammar, Reading, Listening, Writing, and Comprehension. Responsibilities: Create engaging and effective lesson plans using both provided materials and your own resources. Collaborate with our team to align content with app functionality and user experience. Upload completed lessons to the app and web (seprate programs and quizzes and styles , adhering to the scheduled timeline. The app is slated for launch in the coming weeks, and we offer various innovative ways to present lessons. Our in-house TESOL instructor will oversee your work to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and effectiveness. Requirements: - hold at least a master's in TESOl or Linguistics or related field or similar level qualification - Proven experience in English language instruction and lesson plan development. - Ability to complete all tasks within a two-month timeframe. - Excellent command of the English language and pedagogical best practices. - uploading ALL quizzes to app stores and web too . - The project spans over 2 months, and you need to be almost fully available to work on it daily. Your tasks include researching, revising, and ensuring accuracy. - Your error margin cannot, under any circumstances, exceed 2% of the workload. We are excited to welcome a creative and dedicated educator to our team. If you are passionate about English language teaching and technology-driven instruction, we encourage you to apply. Long term employment is very much possible and available
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