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I seek a skilled graphic designer to develop an updated logo for my wedding videography business. The company, called Video4aDay, has operated for several years and I believe it is time for a visual refresh to convey our expertise and passion for capturing cherished wedding memories on film.
The ideal new logo design would elegantly integrate symbolic elements that represent both weddings and videography. Wedding rings or hearts intertwined with a filming camera could gracefully suggest our dual focus on love and visual storytelling. Whether rendered in an abstract, minimalist style or a slightly more realistic vein, the integrated icons should naturally guide viewers’ eyes to our business name - Video4aDay.
The title ‘Wedding Films’ should be featured prominently below the logo pictogram in a complimentary, unified typeface. The logo and font choice must work harmoniously to believably portray our services. Most importantly, the final logo should exude the emotion and beauty inherent to weddings while distinctly branding us as the top choice for wedding videography in our area.
Your creative vision and expertise are needed to design an impactful new logo identity that will modernize how we represent our business and connect with clients for years to come. I kindly request conceptual logo designs that blend symbolism with an aesthetically cohesive presentation of our company name. Portraying our dedication to both love and film.
I have attached my current logo for context, though am seeking something that adds more Wedding symbolism to the final logo.

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