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I want a wordpress expert who can customise the mobile menu of my wordpress site, i want the menu or the header, category and the foter to be customized, the site is already responsive and active, i want it to be nice looking is possible with color

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Subject: Request for Basic App Development for Patient Details Capture I am in need of a basic app that can be utilized by nurses to efficiently capture patient details and transmit them to our office. Presently, we are utilizing WhatsApp for this purpose; however, I believe that an app would offer a more user-friendly experience. The app should be compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, as well as other common mobile platforms. Certain sections of the app will necessitate the use of drop-down menus. I kindly request that only individuals who can provide evidence of their previous similar work reach out to me. Please refrain from replying if you are unable to furnish proof of your relevant prior projects. Listed below are the specific details that each nurse should complete whenever they record patient information. Patient name : Patient ID : Sex : male or female Patient medical aid number : Medical aid name : Diagnosis: Hospital being transferred from: Time pt. arrived in casualty/ward: Date pt. arrived in casualty/ward: Transferring doctor : Transferring nurse : Sr Hospital brings transferred to: To which ward : Bed number : Name of receiving doctor : Medical speciality of receiving Doctor: Reason for transferring patient (eg your hospital is on divert, your hospital is not the medical aid DSP etc) : Patient’s clinical vitals Pulse rate : Respiration Rate: Bp: Sats on room air : Is pt. on supplementary O2? : yes/ no If yes, how many L/min : Hgt : Temp : Hb : Known Allergies to medication: Past Medical history : Does pt. need an isolation ward : yes /no GCS: /15 Peripheral Iv line inserted? : yes/no What fluids eg, ringers lactate , normal saline, basol : CVP line inserted yes/no: Urine catheter yes/no: Other : Drugs name given, drug dosage & time administered 1) 2) 3) 4) Is the patient on a ventilator : yes/no Is the patient using a CPAP : yes / no Is an infusion pump required : yes /no If yes how many infusion pumps are needed: Which drugs are being infused : Is a syringe driver required : yes/no If yes how many syringe drivers are required: Which drugs are being being administered in the syringe drivers :
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19 hour ago
Hi there, I have a two part project for the best person / company here. Note - my site access is blocked in India, so I'm looking for someone in the UK, Europe or Americas to help. #1) have a technical issue that I'm trying to find solution for ASAP. Basically we have lots of Vimeo videos embedded, using the correct embed code generated by their system. (look at any video player on my site: for some reason, the new videos are appearing with a lower quality thumbnail and black play button. i’ve reached out to Vimeo and they tested the code, showing that there’s something else going on with the wordpress theme code - that is preventing them from appearing properly. I contacted Vimeo and there response was: What we can do is recommend that you use the exact embed codes we provide on the settings page for your videos, as we are much more readily able to troubleshoot issues with the codes we provide. Since our embed code is working on Codepen when tested, and the thumbnail and player button colors carry over from what you have set on Vimeo, we consider the embed code to be working as intended. On your site, the overlay image must be clicked first before the Vimeo player appears, and that is not something that is coming from our side. -- also if you go to some of the pages in the PORTFOLIO, you'll notice they may have big spacing gaps from where the videos are posted. This again, comes from some code / plugin issue on the site, because we simply replaced the video embed codes, which were all working fine before - coming from a different video hosting company. no one touched the page layout. #2) I need to add a new service section page with 6 sub-pages based on different 'production rental' areas we offer. Using the current style of the website, and using the DIVI theme - I need someone skilled in WP design and possibly WooCommerce - to build out these new pages, and add approx 100 product items, with images and descriptions. (basically copy & paste from reference sites below) - but using our site design, better images, and more places for text on each page for SEO purposes. Each page will need 800- 1000 words of copy (which I will provide), but you'll need to make the template with placeholder text, along with each page having the products offered. See examples below for whats needed: ( I will provide the page titles, images, and links where to find description info* most can be taken from manufacturer website or other rental sites, since the gear and technical specs are all the same) *NOTE - we do not need a full shopping cart, pricing, checkout system.. Every page and item should be focused around a call-to-action, to get in touch with us.. no purchasing or renting will be done via the website.. its only to showcase that we have EVERYTHING available. examples: See the PDF for reference of some of the items we want to start with. ***Please reply with relevant examples and best offer for consideration.
400.0 USD Technology & Programming peopleperhour Overseas
2 days ago