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We are seeking a freelancer to develop a script that efficiently scrapes product images from a list of URLs. The project involves downloading images from a specific website, organizing them into separate folders based on the URLs, and ensuring high-quality images are obtained.
The website in question is always the same, but it has over 200 URLs from subpages. Each subpage contains a section with a slider showcasing different product pages. Our objective is to create one folder for each URL, containing all the images from that specific page.
Here is an example URL from the list:
To accomplish this task, the freelancer will need to write a script that can navigate through the website, identify the product sliders, and extract the images from each page. The script should be able to handle various scenarios, such as handling different image formats and sizes.
If you have the expertise and experience required for this project, we encourage you to bid on it. We look forward to reviewing your proposal and discussing the details further with you.

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