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Durable UK are running a promotion from October-December 2023, to include a scratch card game in customers’ orders to give them a chance to win a range of prizes.
As a brand, we keep bees at our headquarters in Germany in order to give back to the environment, and the ‘DURABEE’ has become a staple of our brand.
This is why we are looking for our returning character to be a bee. For this year’s campaign, they will feature as a detective and the customer is trying to find the ‘missing items’ under the scratch panel to win prizes.
To connect the game concept to our brand further, the missing items could be Durable products which could be discovered under the scratch panel, but we are open to discussion on this idea.
The scene, character, and missing items would need to be defined and created.
There will be 5 levels of prizes, plus a sixth ‘no win’ outcome.
We would like to repeat this campaign every year, adapting the theme slightly each time but keeping it recognisable.
We want the game design to be cartoonish, light-hearted, engaging and fun.
About us:
For 100 years, we have been creating award-winning workplace solutions to help improve efficiency and productivity in our everyday working lives. Our products are manufactured to a high standard in Germany, so you can be assured of their quality and reliability.
Our range includes signage, literature holders, waste management, name badges, pass holders, lanyards, filing, desk organisation, monitor mounts, tablet & laptop holders, tech cleaning and much more.
We are Certified Carbon-neutral as of Feb 1st 2023 and have a strong focus on the environment, reusing waste, investing in solar panels and utilising sustainable or recycled materials.

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