Updating Homepage Website Banner on Shopify Plus Store

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275.0 GBP peopleperhour Technology & Programming Overseas
26 days ago


We are looking for an experienced web developer to collaborate on a project aimed at updating the banners on our website homepage. The goal is to update the design and usability of our website banner on our homepage. This project offers the potential for long-term work as we continuously seek to improve our website.
Project Scope and Requirements- Integrate a refreshed website banner to our website- Add the ability to include videos in the homepage banner- Add carousel capability to website banner
About us- We are a UK based company in the pet industry. - Our store is built on the Dawn theme. - We are on a Shopify Plus plan. - Our website is www.dragonflyproducts.co.uk and we would like our homepage banner to look like https://mylee.co.uk/

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