We need flutter mobile app developer

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500.0 USD peopleperhour Technology & Programming Overseas
79 days ago


We need an app with admin panel. features ( Game, Gift, Coin, Livestream, Audio Room, Call Audio and video, Chat, Follow and others ) Must Be Nice looks. What you think?

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I seek to develop a machine learning model capable of classifying household waste items into the appropriate recycling bins. As populations grow and environmental concerns mount, finding innovative solutions to reduce landfill waste and promote recycling is increasingly important. My goal is to build a prototype that uses computer vision and deep learning algorithms to visually identify common garbage and determine the best disposal method. The model would need to be trained on a robust dataset of photos showing various waste products such as plastic bottles, glass jars, cardboard boxes, food scraps, and more. The labels for the images would indicate the category for each item, such as plastic, glass, paper, or food waste. Once trained to a high accuracy level, the model architecture could be optimized and deployed via a mobile or web application to provide real-time classification for users. Computer hardware capable of running image recognition algorithms like TensorFlow would power the application. This waste classifier has the potential to significantly simplify the recycling process for households and encourage greater recycling participation. With a trained model that can visually discern recyclable materials, users would gain a smart assistant to aid in waste sorting with minimal effort. Over time, as more data is collected the accuracy could continue increasing. I believe developing innovative technological solutions will be key to building a more sustainable future. Expertise in both machine learning and full-stack development would be required to bring this project to completion.
196.0 USD Technology & Programming peopleperhour Overseas
2 days ago
The project aims to develop a robust financial fraud detection system for a banking or financial institution. The system will analyze transactional data in real-time to detect suspicious patterns or anomalies indicative of fraudulent behavior. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, the system will improve the accuracy and efficiency of fraud detection, thereby minimizing financial losses and enhancing security for both the institution and its customers. Key Components: Data Collection: Gather transactional data from various sources, including credit card transactions, wire transfers, account activity logs, and ATM withdrawals. Ensure data quality and integrity through data cleansing and preprocessing techniques. Feature Engineering: Extract relevant features from the transactional data to represent patterns and behaviors associated with legitimate and fraudulent activities. Features may include transaction amount, frequency, location, time of day, transaction type, and historical spending patterns. Model Development: Anomaly Detection: Implement unsupervised learning algorithms such as Isolation Forest, Local Outlier Factor (LOF), or Autoencoders to detect outliers and anomalies in the transaction data. Supervised Learning: Train supervised learning models like logistic regression, random forest, or gradient boosting classifiers using labeled data to classify transactions as either fraudulent or legitimate. Use techniques such as oversampling or undersampling to address class imbalance if present. Model Evaluation: Assess the performance of the developed models using evaluation metrics such as precision, recall, F1-score, and receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis. Conduct cross-validation to ensure model generalizability and robustness. Real-Time Detection: Deploy the trained models into a real-time monitoring system capable of processing incoming transactions in milliseconds. Implement alert mechanisms to notify fraud analysts or security teams immediately upon detecting suspicious activity. Continuous Improvement: Continuously monitor the performance of the fraud detection system and incorporate feedback loops to adapt and refine the models over time. Stay updated on emerging fraud trends and adjust detection algorithms accordingly to stay ahead of evolving threats. Expected Outcomes: Increased detection accuracy: The developed system should demonstrate improved accuracy in identifying fraudulent transactions while minimizing false positives. Reduced financial losses: By detecting and preventing fraudulent activities in real-time, the system should help mitigate financial losses associated with fraudulent transactions. Enhanced customer trust: Strengthening security measures and proactively detecting fraud can foster trust and confidence among customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention. Overall, the financial fraud detection project aims to leverage data-driven approaches to combat financial fraud effectively, safeguarding the integrity of financial systems and protecting stakeholders from potential risks and losses.
22.0 USD Technology & Programming peopleperhour Overseas
1 days ago
Important note If you do not have experience with Google oAuth authentication via a web app please do not offer your services. This will be a very simple job (mostly copy and paste) for someone with this experience; but may prove beyond the capability of someone without that experience! Project description I have a small web application written in VB.Net which we use for family matters. I need an application to be able to access two existing Google calendars and add/update/delete events on those calendars. It will only ever be me accessing the calendars. I have tried to authenticate using OAuth but am not getting anywhere! So I need some well commented code that will work for this: written in VB.net or Csharp (preferably VB.net). Test of success will be a simple form (that I will provide) including the following buttons: 'Authorise': Clicking this button will initiate the oAuth process with Google Calendar, and on success return the user (me) to the same page. 'Create event' Clicking this button will create an all-day event with event id, start and end date, title, and description. 'Update event' The same functionality as 'Create event' from a passed event id. 'Delete event' Deletes the event of a passed event id Resources I will provide you access to my server so that any configuration issues can be dealt with. Also access to a sample Google Calendar, and a Client Id, and Client Secret to use. The application name will be 'Farbrook manager'. Your solution will be in the form of a dll and will allow me, at a later stage, to hard code: - target calendar id - client id - client secret - redirect URI Any questions just ask.
50.0 GBP Technology & Programming peopleperhour Overseas
21 hour ago