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need to create a website template that is a directory based local services website. Functionality wise it needs to be very similar to https://yappily.co.uk/. location wise need to be serachable by postcode in the UK as each website will be local to a county area, e.g Essex, Sussex etc.
The directory will need to allow service providers to create an account, create a listing, pay for a listing and for the adminsitrator to apporve or edit the listing before it is displayed.
This website will need to be a transferable system (preferably wordpress) that can be seperate on different uRLs, each one based in a different county. I only need the master first county to be produced, and then have the ability myself to duplicate across to different URLs for different UK areas. I will design the website look/feel so this is just a functionality requirement and to build the pages with my graphics.
Happy to discuss further with the right candidates

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