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Hi all, I need a website designer for my Wordpress website. The website will be a review site about electric scooters, and I am seeking someone who can create a sleek design.
This is my current website, which is presently quite bare bones - https://www.scoottoo.com/about-us/
For the Wordpress site, I have already downloaded a theme that I believe would be well suited. Additionally, I have already set up the hosting for the website, as well as analytics, and the relevant plugins. All I need, is for someone to create a design for the website. Taking into consideration the colour scheme, which will need to coincide with the logo, which I have attached to the proposal.
I have also attached a link of a similar website down below for reference. The only difference is that with my site I will not be utilising a YouTube channel.
I would like a similar layout in terms of the pages, to the example site given. Which would mean the site would need the following pages:
Landing Page Best Electric Scooters Reviews Choose by Type Technical Guides About Us (This has already been created, but could also do with redesigning.
I have already created to two pages for the privacy policy and terms of conditions. I would like this at the far bottom of the page.

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