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Hello! I am currently running a live Amazon listing and I am in need of a skilled freelance writer who can provide me with a high-quality translation of the listing into Spanish. The listing contains a total of 1289 characters and 531 words.
Requirements:- Native Spanish speaker or fluent in Spanish- Excellent command of both English and Spanish languages- Familiarity with the local lingo and cultural nuances of the Spanish language- Previous experience in translating product listings or e-commerce content is a plus
Responsibilities:- Translate the existing Amazon listing from English to Spanish- Maintain the overall tone and style of the original listing while adapting it to the target language- Ensure accuracy and attention to detail in the translation process- Deliver the translated listing within the specified timeframe
If you are a talented Spanish writer with a passion for translation and a keen eye for detail, I would love to hear from you. Please include samples of your previous work or any relevant portfolio you may have.
Note: This is a freelance opportunity with a one-time project.

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