Consolidation of Front & Back Labels onto 4 Per Sheet Labels

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I am reaching outwith a project that involves streamlining the labeling process for my product range, which is currently packaged in Kraft paper pouches. The goal is to consolidate the front and back labels onto a single sheet to improve efficiency and reduce the time spent on labeling.
Project Overview:
- Current Process: Front labels are printed on 6 per sheet labels, and back labels are printed on 4 per sheet labels.- Objective: Transition to 4 per sheet Avery labels, combining 2 front labels and 2 corresponding back labels on the same sheet. This approach aims for larger label sizes and a more streamlined labeling process.- Volume: The project encompasses approximately 50-100 products.- Customization Requirements: Each label needs to be editable to update batch numbers, expiry dates, and barcodes for each batch.
- New Label Design: Create a new 4 per sheet label template that includes 2 identical front labels and 2 identical back labels. The design should incorporate elements from the existing 6 per sheet front labels and 4 per sheet back labels.- Editable Files: Provide all files in an editable format to allow for updates to batch numbers, expiry dates, and barcodes.- Test Prints: Ensure the new design aligns correctly with 4 per sheet Avery labels
Timeline: This project requires immediate attention, and I am looking for a quick turnaround time.
Additional Information:
I will supply all necessary files via WeTransfer, including images of the existing labels for reference. It is crucial that the new labels maintain the aesthetic and branding consistency of the current labels.
If you are interested in taking on this project, please provide an estimated timeline and quote for the completion of all deliverables. Your expertise and efficiency in this project will be greatly appreciated, as it is a significant step toward improving our product presentation and operational efficiency.
Looking forward to your prompt response and hoping for a positive collaboration.
*find attached example of 6 per sheet front label and image of back label
Best regards,

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