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We seek a talented graphic designer to develop a fresh, distinctive brand identity for an up-and-coming musical duo. The artists have settled on a band name but require visual elements to represent their sound and bring their creative vision to life.
Specifically, we need a conceptual logo design and a representative image that captures the essence of the duo's style - a fusion of indie folk and alt-rock influences. The logo should incorporate the band name in an imaginative, memorable way. It will be used on all promotional materials including albums, merchandise, social profiles and more.
For the image, we envision something atmospheric yet emotive that hints at the artists' lyrical themes - tales of wandering souls searching for connection. The image should be versatile for both digital and print applications. It will serve as the duo's primary visual calling card as they begin to promote their debut EP.
This is an opportunity for a graphic designer to make a strong early impression on two burgeoning musicians. The selected designer will work directly with the band members to understand their sound and persona and translate it into a cohesive visual identity on an expedited timeline. Creativity, communication and deadline compliance are essential to ensure all branding elements are finalized promptly as the artists prepare for upcoming shows and release of new music. Compensation will be provided upon delivery of high-resolution logo and image files meeting the described needs.

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