Embed external WordPress blog into existing Woocommerce site

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My current blog (vintagebridaljewellery.wordpress.com) which has blog posts dating back to 2011 needs to be integrated into my website (www. vintagebridalaccessories.co.uk) with a design similar to the website, so that I can create/edit posts from the woocommerce dashboard.

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Overview: We are on the lookout for a highly skilled and proficient expert in WordPress development, complemented by strong UX and graphic design capabilities. The primary goal is to replicate and customize an existing website template to create between five to ten new WordPress sites, each with a distinct branding and visual identity. Key Responsibilities: Website Creation: Utilize an existing WordPress template to craft 5-10 unique websites. Brand Identity Design: Develop individual branding, top-level banners, and a unique look and feel for each site. Project Management: Efficiently manage the build process of these WordPress sites, ensuring quality replication and customization of the template. Additional Opportunities: Post-project, there may be opportunities for ongoing maintenance work, compensated on an hourly basis. Your Role: As the project's lead, you'll work independently, showcasing your proficiency in managing and executing the project requirements. You will coordinate with our marketing and creative directors for any specific needs, though the role demands a high level of autonomy and self-sufficiency. Demonstrating your autonomous working style and efficient project management will enhance your prospects for future projects with our team. Budget & Project Details: Total budget: £1,000 (fixed price). The project involves the creation of 5-10 WordPress websites, with the exact number to be finalized. Ideal Candidate Profile: Proven expertise in WordPress development, UX, and graphic design. A strong portfolio demonstrating capabilities in creating diverse brand identities. Excellent self-management and independent working skills. Application Instructions: To apply, please submit your portfolio showcasing relevant WordPress, UX, and graphic design work, along with a brief overview of your approach to this project.
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1 days ago
In light of the commencement of Limo robotic platform testing at our company's testing facility, we're integrating the company-provided chassis, developed by AgileX, with state-of-the-art RTK boards, such as the SimpleSSR Kit from ArduSimple, to acquire centimeter-range GPS data. Consequently, we are seeking a ROS2-developer capable of crafting a comprehensive ROS2-package. This package must initialize the simpleRTK2B-F9P Pro board, gather GPS data via RTK-SSR technology, and seamlessly publish this information within ROS 2 environment topics. The resulting full-fledged ROS2-package for simpleSSR receivers and simpleRTK2B GPS boards, from now on referred to as the ROS2-GPS-module, will be subject to non-disclosure conditions and will be the exclusive property of the company. Hence, it cannot be released as open-source software or a public repository. The developer must create this ROS2-GPS-module as an entirely new application, refraining from utilizing code segments or partial copying from third-party software, even if open-source or publicly available. While the ROS2-GPS-module may draw architecture inspiration from existing ROS1 packages compatible with simpleRTK2B GPS boards, it should stand as an independent entity, easily integrated into the ROS2 environment alongside the main Limo robot software. Furthermore, it must feature its own launch file for standalone operation and module functionality verification. The module should support data output reassignment to alternate topics, mirroring configuration capabilities seen in other ROS2 packages for sonars, lidars, depth cameras, etc. A primary objective involves demonstrating seamless integration of the ROS2-GPS-module into the NAV2 navigation package and its associated dependencies (ROS2_control, SLAM, Mapping packages, etc.), emphasizing ease of incorporation within these frameworks.
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1 days ago