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291 days ago


Hey! My name is Gilard,
My partner and I are launching a new construction company and are in need of a unique, professional logo to represent our brand. We have some preliminary ideas and have recorded a voice note to share our vision. Additionally, we have included a few sketches and inspirations in a folder to guide your creativity.
We are looking for someone who can:
-Translate our ideas into a visually appealing logo-Provide multiple design concepts and revisions- Deliver high-resolution files in different formats (PNG, JPG, and vector formats like AI or EPS)-Work within a reasonable timeframe
We value open communication and appreciate designers who are open to feedback to ensure the final design aligns with our vision.
If you have a portfolio of previous logo design work, especially within the construction industry, please share it along with your proposal. We are excited to find a designer who can help bring our brand to life!
Thank you for considering our project. We look forward to seeing your creative proposals!
Talk soon,Gilard.

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