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I am looking for a skilled Excel macro developer to help me with formatting and organizing data. The ideal candidate should have experience in automating data entry and generating reports and analysis.
Specific requirements for this project include:
- Formatting and organizing data according to a general structure, with room for suggestions and adjustments
- Following some general rules for formatting and organizing the data, while being open to adjustments based on the specific data
Challenge: I have a table with 600-700 columns. Around 50-100 Rows get added everyday. For every row there are repeating columns, between 3 to 10 set of columns repeating for 3 to 10 times. Technically they are values of a 2 dimensional table converted to a single dimension in one row. Now for each lets say, 50 rows added, I want the macro to run and create separate sheets in the excel, convert all such column sets into tables. There are as many as 15 tables in a single row, ranging from 3x3 to 10x10 tables with or without valid entries.
If you have the necessary skills and experience to tackle this project, please submit your proposal.

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