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123 days ago


I have a existing site lookiing new design with your skills ASAP. If you are able to work then contact me.

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I'm looking to hire Photoshop users / graphic designers who are experienced working with Smart Objects and product mockups, to help test a Photoshop automation plugin I've created. The plugin automates time-consuming tasks that are often seen (and done manually) in the workflows of graphic designers and ecommerce business owners. This will be a very quick and simple set of tasks. The entire process from start to finish shouldn't take more than 15-30 minutes of your time total -- because it's a simple Photoshop plugin, with a few basic functions, that's very easy to use. The testing would work like this: 1) Install the plugin from the official Adobe listing page and add it to Photoshop; 2) Test it out, using the main features; 3) Provide me with your overall feedback about the Photoshop plugin as an experienced Photoshop user + type out/send me your answers to a few of my pre-prepared questions about it; and 4) Provide a screen-recording video of you using the plugin on your computer, so I can see what your user experience is like (allowing me to potentially spot improvement opportunities, etc.) I will pay $30 for your help with this. Like I said, it really shouldn't take much of your time: 15-30 minutes total. Also note: It is a paid plugin on the Adobe marketplace -- so I will pay $10 for the cost of install *on top* of the $30 I'm paying you for the testing/feedback. So basically, the plugin costs $10 to install, but I'll set the job posting to $40 -- so you'll make a net $30 from this. The main testing requirements are: Experience working inside of Photoshop, and experience specifically working with product mockups, package designs, smart objects, and similar graphic design assets. Additionally, you must have a Photoshop subscription -- as the plugin is currently only available for installation via the Adobe marketplace. If you can provide some example screenshots of Photoshop product mockups / package designs / smart object documents you've worked with in your application message, and also describe your relevant experience working with such items in Photoshop, that will help to maximize your odds of being selected for this testing. (Also note: Depending on the graphic design / Photoshop work you do, this plugin might end up actually being extremely useful for you. It fully automates some of the most time-consuming tasks related to working with product mockups, smart objects, + related graphic design assets. So if you aren't presently utilizing automation in these areas, the plugin could legitimately save you *tons* of time each month. That's not a sales pitch -- I'm just pointing out that it genuinely could be useful for your Photoshop / graphic design workflows, outside of the testing process, if you do lots of work in this area. One graphic designer who tested it estimated that it could save her 30 hours per month in her workflows.) Thank you!
40.0 USD Design peopleperhour Overseas
3 hour ago
We are looking for a web designer to realise the design of a prestashop website (a supprimer). The objective of the project is to create a website under Prestashop highlighting the sale of tea-related products. This project will be carried out in 2 phases : sale of all accessories related to tea tasting and tea sale. The site will also include a blog (already existing) A new Logo is currently in creation, in attachment the current one. We need: - design proposition for the home page - 3 banners examples - one product page proposition - one page to list articles - one blog page article Design - General style: Clean, simple and natural - Design example: - Color code: pastel green / natural or Pastel beige - Font : no italic font throughout the site, example above can be a possibility Home page Layout - Top headband: Menu: with the logo in the center, no phone info, no multilingual (Fr and Eng) - 3 Banners : 1 banner with the products, 1 banner with the novelty, other banners (to be proposed?) - Welcome word - Featured products (highlighted products?) - Product categories - History of the company - Footer Menu details : - Home - Théières (Teapots) --- (sous-menu) --- Pays d’origine (country of origin ) ------ Japon (Japan) ------ Chine (China) ------ Corée (Korean) --- Matière ( material) ------ Fonte (cast iron) ------ Porcelaine (Porcelain) ------ Céramique (Ceramic) ------ Terre cuite (Terracotta) --- Service à thé (tea service) --- … - Tasses (Tea cups / mugs) - Accessoires --- Boules de thé (tea infuser) --- Pinces thé (Tea tongs) --- Cuillères (Spoons) --- … - Objet décoration (Decorative object) --- petites tasses (small vase) --- … - Blog Footer : - Contact info - Photo Instagram - Blog - Réseau sociaux : Uniquement Facebook (Social networks) - …
150.0 EUR Design peopleperhour Overseas
1 days ago