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I'm looking for a database professional, to help finish designing and coding my reporting software. Software has been started, and now I need to finish it. I have done a little coding, but I'm not fluent. Software needs to work on both 32 and 64 bit computers. Software is Access database for engine and storage. The software will need to be able to have both user input, and self calculate certain parameters. It will begin with the user login. If the user is an "Admin", they have access to the full software availability. If the user is NOT an "Admin", they have limited access to only certain features of the software. This will limit the "User" table to only be updated by a system admin, and not just anyone. The software I'm creating is for my job. It's to make my job a ton easier. The software must be able to print various reports, and automatically save the dB file, via upload to a given website, or FTP. This can be done once the majority of the software is functioning properly. I will attach all associated written files. I don't believe I need to start fresh, but am open to simple solutions. I've originally wrote this software in Excel VBA, but it's not secure. Any and all help appreciated.

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