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We are looking for a logo to be created that would go onto a cap. Each segment of the design would be stitched into onto the cap rather than one completed patch that would be stitched
We have attached the mosaic styles for Samples. Our logo would need to run between the middle which can be provided later

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We need a logo designed for the holding company of our legal services practices, who's name is Legal Services Group. The examples attached will give you an idea of what we have now and we want to retain the current company logos for the individual companies (Dorset Legal Services, Hampshire Legal Services and Legal & Financial), so, although not an absolute requirement, it would be good if the new logo could fit in with the current logo style. The logos are never seen on the same page, but there has to be consistency between them all, hence the circle and the current logos being made up of the initial letters of the county (Dorset, Hampshire etc.) and L for Legal. What the logo must NOT be is stereotypical, so we don't want anything which is always associated with law firms like scales, pen and paper, signatures, columns etc., nor do we want the concept of shields and multiple letters. We don't need letterheads, business cards or web sites designed, as these are all in hand. We would, however, like to establish a relationship with a designer so that we can come back to you in the future for other projects and ideas. The logo needs to be simply, modern and we'd like to portray the sense of customer service, attention to detail, open and honest advice. The logo needs to be able to work in its own right (i.e. standalone), as well as with the company name (Legal Services Group) below it or to one side. We'd also like to allow the logo in some way to portray the sense of group, as it's the parent company of other businesses. We're not stuck on any one particular colour and we're happy if the design you come up with incorporates every colour of the rainbow, because this will give us the flexibility to utilise any one of those colours for future branding for other projects and companies, hopefully with your input. Any questions at all, please just ask. Thanks for looking and for your interest.
50.0 GBP Design peopleperhour Overseas
2 days ago