Need Floor Plans Converted to look like Attached.

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300.0 USD peopleperhour Design Overseas
27 days ago


I seek a skilled graphic designer proficient in Adobe Acrobat to reformat two existing floor plans: according to a template design I have attached (edina-plan.png) The target plans consist of basic layouts requiring minor alterations to match a directory showcase format. Specifically, the assignments involves adjusting visualization elements like room dimensions, labeling, and formatting consistency while preserving integral design aspects.
Advanced Acrobat acumen is necessary to seamlessly integrate restructured plans into the exemplar framework. Text, shapes, and other objects will need repositioning or resizing as needed. Page layout, margins, and overall visual harmony should remain unaltered to optimize directory presentation. The designer's artistic eye and technical prowess with digital plan manipulation will prove invaluable in properly converting schematics into an identical template style. Attention to structural and aesthetic detail during this reformatting work will ensure directory-ready floor plans improved for buyer and client review.
Concise internal notes or annotations may also help streamline the revision process. Once revised according to specifications, converted plans must be delivered in high resolution PDF format for inspection and approval. Strong communication and timely completion of revisions within an estimated 10-15 hour timeframe are essential. This project aims to benefit property display through polished, cohesive plan designs formatted exactly as the example depicts.

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